Beginning in late winter 1999 and running through 2003, these posts appeared on the SUNY Buffalo Electronic Poetry Center on-line Poetics discussion group.

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Class and poetry 04/13
Lyn Hejinian's 'deen' 04/19
D=E=E=N 04/22
A Barnard report: Hannah Weiner 04/21
Spaced-out 04/28
Questions on a HOW TO value 05/11
Submission crucible 07/14
$3.50 Summer vacation in Scandinavia 07/23
Alternative 08/12
Farm implements and rutabagas in a landscape 08/12
Polyverse by Lee Ann Brown 08/13
Cut-ups and homosexualization of the New York School (I) 08/14
Cut-ups and homosexualization of the New York School (II) 08/18
Simon Perchik 09/30
Marilyn Monroe - the Emma Lazarus of her day 04/05
classical meter in contemporary "free verse" poetry
Meter Anthology Cola 05/11
New Formalist Language Poetry 05/28
Language Prosody - ex. 2: Dochmiacs


Language Prosody - ex. 3: hypodochmiacs in Susan Howe's Pierce Arrow 06/06
Language Prosody - ex. 4: adonics 06/09
Language Prosody - ex. 5: H.D., Helen in Egypt 08/20
Timothy McVeigh's face 06/16
Hannah Weiner's hallucinations and schizophrenia in poetry
Hannah's visions 07/05
Hannah's visions - Barrett Watten's 'Autobiography Simplex' 07/09
Hannah's visions 07/14a
Hannah's visions 07/14b
eulogy for Tove Janesson (Finnish author of the Mummintroll books) 07/14
creative writing pedagogy 07/24
Sylvia Plath's suicide 07/27
if Sylvia Plath were alive today


innovative language magazines 07/28
Kenning, the literary journal: "young and 'post-Language'" 08/18
re: 'Why I was a bad poet' 08/24
Fence/Housing Works Literary Magazine Benefit 08/23
The 'great' John Ashbery forgery scandal
HOAX: The fake Ashbery/Debrot interview on 08/29 deceives on-line bibliographer 08/29
Debrot virus spreading: answer to an old "Knock knock" joke 08/30
Jacques and John 08/31
NEXT: The identity of Yasusada to be revealed!  
Chinese-English translation 09/10

are you still alive? 09/17
the John Miller television report on Osama Bin Laden 09/24
Minoru Yamasaki, architect of the Twin Towers 10/08
Truth Has Been Suspended. Indefinitely 10/16
anthrax and the Greendale School, Franklin Park, NJ 08852 10/18
Harpo's index 12/05
Virus 12/17
New Poet: Matty Stepanek 12/18
New Poet: Values 12/26
Merbery/Ashrill 12/29
Craig Dworkin 01/22
Rachel Back's new book on Susan Howe 02/18
How to Read Susan Howe 02/21
Loss Pequeno Glazier's Digital Poetics 02/21
Working Class Poetry and the Myth of Revolution 03/14
"a volume of absolutely comparable worth" 04/14
Theory death
What is 'pure zero drive'? (Zombie avant-garde) 04/30
Who is Sil-Vara? 05/17
Why poets should read only cereal boxtops (I) 05/09
Why poets should read only cereal boxtops (II) 05/12
The High Road of Art 05/14
The Huysmansization of Prose 05/29
Close reading close readings 07/05
Review a small press book this year and hang around 10/12
Of late on the blog 11/04
Post-election day blues 11/06
Daniel Davidson's Culture
Why Daniel Davidson's Culture is not political poetry 12/08
Addendum on 'absorption' 12/08
my dog ate the first 17 pages in my copy of Daniel Davidson's Culture 12/10
'good'/'bad' poetry 12/15
To blog or not to blog 12/20
Poetry and reading levels


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