Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2001
Subject: Marilyn Monroe, the Emma Lazarus of her day

David Chirot wrote:

> don't forget--Marilyn Monroe was prone so to speak to pen a poem--
> uncollected as yet--but scattered in various books one may find her gems--
> --dbc

The visual artist Barbara Bloom included in an installation of hers vitrines
of "found" printed matter. One showcase had a magazine photo pose of Marilyn, dressed to the collar, sitting outdoors on a log or out in the bucolics. She
was holding a book. The cover of the thick book: James Joyce, Ulysses.

Any tips on in which of the various books her gems may be scattered, Dave?
Sounds like the best undiscovered since Candy Darling's poems.

(Digression following Joyce and unlikely, American female celebrities:

There used to be a "Ripley's Believe It or Not" television series. Once they
did a segment on James Joyce, especially his Finegans Wake. The moderator
walking us through the footage and Joyceana was--- MARGOT THOMAS! (I swear. Watched it with my own eyes, on a small black and white TV, mid- to

But now, the reason they were featuring Joyce on "Ripley's" was not because he
was a titan of unbelievable proportions or because "Finegans Wake" is
incredible in its neologistic coinages, but--- because James Joyce had VERY
POOR VISION and managed to write such BIG BOOKS despite his handicap!

They showed closed-ups of the artifact of his eyeglasses, and how
progressively large his handwriting became as his vision deteriorated.

Can you believe that a person with eyes that bad could heroically transcend
his optical disability enough to scribble illegibly and unintelligibly like
this all over notebooks and get it printed?